When you click on "Navigating this site", the ‘Main Menu’ will be displayed, that is the page containing the subparts in Vectors will be displayed. There are 3 main parts, Vector P1, Vector Lines and Vector Planes. Clicking on the selected menu will open a new page.

Clicking on the selected menu indicated above will open the required page.

Scrolling down the page or clicking on the indices in the left hand box will help to navigate the page.

Clicking on the Geogebra link will open the interactive Geogebra tools. A new page will be opened.

This is the new page. To move back to the webpage, click the Top Left back arrow as shown below.

To interact with tool, follow the instructions given in the right hand column. For example: Input the required coordinates or vectors in the right hand column as shown below. Use the format provided.

Example: Display of a pyramid given the coordinates.

An example of the Geogebra tool to display a given plane and a given line, and to find the point of intersection and angle between line and plane.

Clicking on the cuboid in the left hand column and dragging will rotate the figure as shown below.

Scrolling and dragging in the right hand column will distort the instructions as shown below.

However, by double clicking on the reset button on the top right hand corner (2 circular arrows) the tool will be reset to its original state.

In case the reset button does not appear on the screen, scroll the bottom scrollbar to the right

Example of the contents.

To go back to the main menu, click on the top left hand corner (Main Menu)

Then, click on ‘Main Menu’ to go back to the Main Menu page.

The Main Menu page is displayed.

Clicking on Vector Lines will display content and Tools on Lines, while clicking on Vector Planes will display contents and Tools on Planes. Clicking on Home will display the Home Page.

Example: To verify whether 2 lines intersect in 3D.

Clicking on ‘Answer’ will display answers for previous question or activity.