1. Course Advert : Professional Doctorate in Education (EdD programme)

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2. Anti-Corruption Policy

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3. New MIE Moodle website

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4. Indicative Annual Procurement Plan for Financial Year 2018-2019

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5. World Development Report 2019—Competition Guidelines

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6. Anti-plagiarism Policy

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7. Extended Programme

This Training Programme has been designed to acquaint secondary school Educators with the various aspects of their tasks so as to empower them to work with students in the Extended Programme.

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8. Module Exemption Form

Application for exemption from modules for any programme should be sent to the Registrar within TWO WEEKS from the start of a programme, and a copy of the list of modules completed should be attached with the Exemption Form.

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9. Transport Request Form

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10. Semester TimeTables

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11. Code of Ethics

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Recent News

Semester Dates at MIE: 2018

All Courses except B.Ed (PT) Stream

SEMESTER I ( 15 Weeks):
22 JANUARY 2018 to 12 MAY 2018 Including one week Mid-Semester Break 9 April 2018 to 14 April 2018
SEMESTER II ( 15 Weeks):
23 JULY 2018 to 03 NOVEMBER 2018


Primary School Books-Part 2

About MIE                               CODL                                     Curriculum Materials


The Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE) is a Parastatal body, working under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources.

Set up in 1973 with the prime objective of modernizing the education sector and endowing it with a professional teaching workforce, the MIE provides training for the pre-primary, primary and secondary sectors of education, targeting all cadres, including teaching and management. The training provided is in line with state of the art pedagogical practices and the constant benchmarking of courses offered according to international standards ensures that the qualifications delivered by the MIE are recognised around the world.

MIE is also responsible for Research and Curriculum Development. It is the body in charge of developing the curriculum, textbook writing and evaluation.



In line with emerging trends and modes of delivery, MIE has a Centre for Open and Distance Learning (CODL) that offers all technical and pedagogical support for developing online courses to reach out to a larger number of trainees. The Educator's Licence is one of the courses offered through a mixed mode with a substantial dose of online learning. Other courses will soon be on offer through this mode.

The ODLC is at present engaged in an innovative programme of digitalizing all the primary school textbooks, developing interactive materials and in training all primary school personnel in the use of interactive boards as part of the Sankore project, a Franco-British project for Africa.



Primary School Curriculum Materials

This material is provided especially for the attention of parents. It should not be used for any commercial purpose, though it can be downloaded. It should be used for educational purpose only and the MIE duly acknowledged.

Virtual Maths – A level Vectors

This virtual tool is ideal for exploration and independent learning of A level Vectors. It can be accessed online through Tablet PC and Mobiles. The tool is in the form of a webpage which integrate GeoGebra, an interactive software, to provide a visual aspect of vectors in 3D. Concepts are carefully developed and presented with the help of diagrams. Examples are provided, as well as questions to reinforce understanding. The tool is tailor-made for the Syllabus 9709 A level Mathematics.

How to apply for a Course?                                    Teacher Education Programmes                          Sankoré Project


Applications for training to work in any primary school must be made through the:

  >> Public Service Commission, Forest-Side, Mauritius (hyperlink) or
  >> Bureau of Catholic Education, 1 C. Antelme Street, Rose-Hill. (hyperlink)

Note: Adverts appear in the Press. The MIE does not admit any pre-service trainee for the primary sector directly.

While applicants for the in-service courses are channeled to MIE through the Ministry of Education, all other programmes, especially for the secondary sector MIE advertises in the press and in its website

Read more on : Training programmes of the MIE


MIE offers a structured and flexible pathway for continuous professional development from induction onwards through a system of accreditation. The credit-laddering system enables professionals in education to engage in Lifelong Learning while at the same time benefit from incremental credits or enter a higher grade in the profession.

We offer both in-service and pre-service programmes at Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Post-Graduate levels. Post graduate programmes consist of the Post Graduate Certificate, Diploma, Masters' and Doctoral programmes.



Following the Franco-British summit in May 2008, the French government established the DIENA - Délégation interministérielle à l'éducation numérique en Afrique- in order to achieve Millennium Development Goals with regards to education. In this context the DIENA launched the Sankoré project to enhance educational practices and resources. The project aims at empowering teachers and other stakeholders in the education sector to create, use and share digital educational resources.
1. The provision of an interactive interface [an interactive whiteboard-IWA]
2. A platform for sharing digital educational resources [Sankoré website]
3. Training of teachers to use the IWB and the Sankoré software suite